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Police officers are citizens too. They are from and live among the people and towns they serve. With great power comes great responsibility. Civilians must be able to feel safe and protected. When each walks in fear of the other, life, peace, and the fabric of unity is frayed. It can't work that way. We can't be afraid of cops and cops shouldn't be afraid of us. Through communication comes community. We at the Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble believe in the arts as a social justice tool. We will conduct a theater and multi-media project between police officers and high school students. We commit to respect the people and this place. This project hopes to be a national model about the ways police can interface with their fellow citizens; as a model for community engagement and good will. We are introducing these young people to police with positivity and we are introducing the police to young people in the spirit of making and making things right. It can't work any other way. We are using art and theater because that's what we CAN do. We CAN build and talk and listen and create TOGETHER. To know each other without fear or prejudice. We have to walk through this together. Like a cop on the beat, we're "Walking the Beat". Help us Remix the Ritual.

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